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Apple Pay vs. Samsung Pay

Apple Pay vs. Samsung Pay

We are living in the era where we witness inventions and innovation regularly. The main objective of these innovations is to make our daily life easier. Every sector of the society is rapidly advancing. To be particular, let us pick mobile phones.

Today the market is flooded with hundreds of mobile manufacturers. Apple, Blackberry, Samsung are eminent among these vendors. Millions of users are enjoying the products and services of these manufacturers. Apart from phone sets these mobile manufacturing companies also offer exciting and useful apps to their consumers in order to hold them by their side. It is very important to have loyal consumers in order to stay in competition. Mobile applications are really useful for day today work.

Pay apps are trending these days. These apps act as a payment platform through which the registered users can pay bills for various purposes. The concept of Pay App was introduced by Apple Incorporation and later Samsung also joined the completion by launching its own customized Samsung Pay app. To attract the users, both Apple Pay and Samsung Pay are promising various perks and benefits.

Choosing a suitable pay app between the two can be a daunting task, to simplify your work we are providing you a brief review of both Apple Pay as well as Samsung Pay.


Let’s start with compatibility; Apple Pay developed by Apple Inc. is compatible with iOS. So if you have an Apple gadget working on iOS operating system then you can enjoy Apple Pay. On the other hand Samsung App supports Android operating system. Android is quite popular among the users due to its affordable features.


We are talking about Pay apps where the users link the payment app with bank accounts. So security is the major concern. Keeping that in mind Apple Pay has hardware security mechanism feature. This ensures the security of user is not ignored.

Samsung App also ensures the consumers a safe transection. In some Samsung models, they provide the option of fingerprint scan on every single transection from e-wallet.

Bothe the Pay app keep record of transection related details like date, time and location of transection. You can track the payment from your mobile.

Ease of Use

E-payment option has made our life much more convenient. If we compare both the Pay apps on this scale, Apple Pay is little easier to use than Samsung App. In Samsung pay you have to look for credit card and in apple you have the option of one time link the wallet with your credit. You don’t have to look for your plastic card again and again.

Strong point of Samsung Pay app

Samsung Pay is largely accepted by the merchandisers and vendors. If we talk about U.S. there are more than 30,000 who accept the payment gateway. In case of Apple Pay, the option is slightly limited.

Both the developers are providing good deals to the consumers, Now it is your call to choose the Pay app suitable for you.

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