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Cart Pay- Customer Review

Cart Pay- Customer Review

Two years back, Robert Hagen came to us for payment support for his Tech Support Company. When asked him about his business and the services he is expecting, we found that Robert was very clear and confident with his business objective.

Robert was working as an employee in IT industry where he realized that he is wanted more for life. With innovative ideas and technical experiences, he established his own business to render tech services to his clients. Read what he has to say about his journey.

“Switching profession was never easy for me. It was complete leap of faith when I left my job to follow my heart. Working as a tech professional I was handful of various innovative ideas to grow an entrepreneur, but the real problem was in execution of those ideas. After gathering the basic info, I finally took a risk.

“In initial months, I struggled a lot. Being from technical field, I had clear plan of action to offer high end services to my clients. My management staff was also experienced and effective. Despite of all these facts, something was still not correct, we got couple of chargebacks one after another. I started every corrective measure possible to bring stability in my business. On advice of experienced colleagues, I tried to sign up with various payment service providers. Most of them rejected my request looking at my bad chargeback track records. I was about to lose all hopes when I got a confirmation mail from Cart Pay Solutions. They were ready to provide the Payment Gateway to my high risk business.

Cart Pay’s customer sales and service support teams were really friendly. They had all knowledge to deal with tech businesses. They introduced the concept of Merchant Account, which is essential for all online businesses

After some discussion with account manager, I realized the requirement in which I was lacking behind. They also suggested the measured to win the trust of customers. To add more transparency, we decided maintaining separate invoice database for customers’ information.

The tools and plugins offered by Cart Pay solutions offered my website a secured space where customers can make their payments. On the more, the gateway provided a huge array of options in terms of currencies. This helped me to offer my services to customers all over the world.

Thank You Rob for sharing your success story. We are happy to be the partner in your growth. It is your tenacity and dedication that proved its worth.

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