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How to Fight Chargebacks Efficiently

How to Fight Chargebacks Efficiently

While making credit or debit card transactions, chargebacks are something that is unavoidable. They could occur to hinder the transaction process. Chargebacks are thus just another word for nightmares for the merchants. The case where the customer decides to ask for a refund raise for a purchase that they made from their credit or debit card, in this case, the merchant has very little to do about it, especially the case when the customers do not bother to contact the seller before making the transaction.

Chargebacks usually occur when there is some customer dispute, or any potential fraud or any authorization related flaw in the transaction process. The case where the customer claims that a transaction which is appearing on the billing statement is not authorized is called as the fraudulent card not present transaction. Since the tools required for avoiding chargebacks aren’t available to the merchants, like the processing terminal for swiping cards, or obtaining the signature on the receipt at the time of making a sale, it is thus crucial to prevent chargebacks instead of dealing with the repercussions after it has already been occurred. Following are few tips on preventing chargebacks:

  • Do not accept an expired credit or debit card.
  • Collaborate closely with the clients who have asked for a chargeback refund to understand the entire scenario of chargebacks.
  • Use a professional anti filter fraud, this will guarantee lowest fraud rate.
  • Respond quickly to the chargebacks. As there is a limited time to resolve a chargeback issue, there has to be a quick response that will ensure the issue is resolved and the processing bank will yield the relevant information to you as soon as you react towards a chargeback.
  • Charge the customer’s account during the time the products have been shipped.


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